d.i.y. craft party

We offer creative, innovative party packages!


1. Choose your preferred DATE

Our Parties last approximately 1-2 hours. Please contact us to check availability.

2. Choose your CRAFT

Select one of our high-quality crafting options from the choices below.

3. We'll take care of the following:

• Craft Workshop for all guests in party
• Craft Instructions and Creation
• Set-up & Clean-up
• Each guest gets to choose a complementary goodie bag


$15-$20 per guests (depending on craft selection and location)
Minimum 5 people


Choose one craft per group.
We bring the crafting fun to you, and provide materials, expert instruction, set up and clean up. If your party has a theme, let us know and we can provide ideas to go along with it.
Crafts not recommended for children under 8 years of age.

1. Necklaces (TEEN – GIRL)

- Choose from the following food items: cupcake, doughnut, tea, coffee, hamburger, breakfast
- Choose from the following animal items: bear, owl, sock monkey, cat and penguin

2. Bracelets / Zipper Pulls (TEEN – GIRL)

- We'll make variations to give you some FAB arm candy that everyone will be so jealous of!

2. Earrings (TEEN – GIRL)

- Choose dangle or studs earrings
- Choose from the following food items: breakfast, cupcake, cookies, hot dog, doughnut, French fries, ice cream, lollipop and holiday theme