On Track Dental

On Track Dental is a dental clinic located in Port Coquitlam that offers a variety of dental service, including dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges, composite filling, root canal treatment, gum surgery, and sedation dentistry.

    Overview of the Project

      On Track Dental is promoting custom sports mouth guard service. The purpose of the ad is to send the message that a custom made sports mouth guard may make a big difference in keeping players out of the dentist’s office.


    • Image used is misleading and confusing
    • Lack of design elements
    • No clear message


    • Creative Brief
    • Competitors Research
    • Analyze the pros & cons of the previous ad
    • Visual Exploration - elements clean up


    • Clear, consise message
    • Images that represent the service/product
    • Highlighting on the emotional benefits
On Track Dental Ad #1Proposed Ad 1
On Track Dental Ad #2Proposed Ad 2

Design Services

Design Direction
Advertising Design
Copy Writing