Project Overview

To design two magazine ads campaign for an outdoor adventure company promoting their products. The two ads need to target to two different audiences (see Persona below) but they must look enough alike to be recognizable as part of the same campaign.

The Personas

The Designer: Ravi is a 45-year-old graphic designer who likes to travel but doesn't do as much since he had his second child five years ago. He and his wife of 10 years, Jennifer, own and operate their own small design company that specializes in corporate marketing and branding. Though they are very busy with their two young sons and their company, they like to take short trips to Seattle and LA to visit the art galleries. At home on the weekend, they love to host small dinner parties for their artist and designer friends.

The Athlete: Zoe is an athletic 27-year-old environmental engineer. She grew up in the Okanagan but now lives in Victoria where she continues to pursue her love for camping, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and surfing. She’s single but had two long-term relationships and isn’t ready to settle down quite yet. She has a lot of male and female friends whom she likes to spend time with on the weekend doing outdoor activities. She still likes a bit of fun, but is no longer into late night drinking like she used to do when she was in university.

MEC Ad Design #1Proposed magazine ad for the designer, Ravi.
MEC Ad Design #2Proposed magazine ad for the athlete, Zoe.

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