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Love The Drive

Love the Drive is a small Coquitlam company that makes wind deflectors for convertible car brands that don’t already make wind deflectors as accessories for their products, namely Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, BMWs, and Mercedes, respectively. Love the Drive does most of its business with customers living in the United States.


    • Advertising material fails to represent the target audience
    • Distracts from the key message as it is very wordy and lacks visual appeal.
Love The Drive old brochure


    • Research company’s history, vision + objectives
    • Redefinied
    • Interviewed
    • Competitor analysis & profiling


    • Revised Brand Alignment
    • Highlighting a clean, upscale look
    • More branding projects opportunities (marketing materials such as business card & brochure redesign)
    • Key communication is portrayed through imagery and infographics
Love The Drive Facebook Ad DesignProposed Facebook Ad
Love The Drive Postcard DesignProposed Postcard Design

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